About Us

Ridiculous Games is a developer / publisher of licensed & original IP game properties. Ridiculous develops for platforms such as home consoles, PC and mobile platforms. Let’s meet the team that helps make all of this happen.



An industry veteran since 1990.   Having held roles in nearly all disciplines of product development including QA and Design. He spent his formative years as Producer and Development Director for Interplay Productions and Midway Games.


John is a seasoned Programmer with expertise in game logic, front-end programming and back end architecture. A Texas A&M Alum, John brings over 20 years experience and leadership to the team.

Executive Producer
Steve Gazda

A 17 year development and production veteran,  Steve has shipped dozens of projects over the years for various platforms.   Steve likes to get down and dirty in the trenches.

Director of Business Development
Jaime Bencia

Jaime Bencia is a 20-year veteran of the game industry specializing in game production and design. He has produced and managed several projects over the years for companies such as Midway Games and Konami. 

Executive Producer
Rene Hakiki

Rene is a long time software development veteran.   Rene Excels in Systems,  Logistics, Analytics, and Client Management.   If you have a loose cannon that needs fixing or you're confused and misinformed, Rene can help you with his patented 3 step process.  🙂

Technical Director
Chad Freeman

Chad has been in the industry for over 20 years.   Having been one of the early proponents of emerging technology VR / AR.  His passion for new challenges and new technologies has led him to write code for just about every platform available since the mid 90s.

Design Director
Dan Kingdom

Dan has been a designer and creative director for over 20 years.   Having started at Interplay in the mid 90’s.    Dan has held prominent positions at Climax, THQ, Krome Studios, and more recently Digital Domain. 

Sr. Programmer
Dave Boulanger

With over 20 years programming experience, Dave has seen and done it all in the video game field.  Another Interplay Alum, Dave recently served as a Senior Programmer for Konami, Digital Funk Machine, and Digital Domain.

Sr. Technical Lead Artist
Eric Hardin

With several high profile projects under his belt, Eric can make things look more amazing then they should.  His VFX, Shader, and Optimization work is second to none. He was pivotal in making our Eleven Eleven and Voltron VR Chronicles look and run as amazing as they did. 

3D Modeler
Jeff Pinero

Working alongside Eric Hardin, Jeff was crucial in creating the art that you seen in our more recent titles such as Eleven Eleven and the Emmy Nominated, Voltron VR Chronicles. 

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